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Posted by daverozelle
Monday 28 March 2011 - 11:48:11

Well since we are starting all over again after a server crash I decided it was time to blow out the old site and it's contents and start all over again. Nothing like a fresh start sometimes to get the mind working at a faster clip.

So, first things first, I am going to start my to-do list and post it here so it reminds me every day of the things that I need to get done. Of course, everything on this site will be completed "when it's damn good and ready, and not a moment before" since life has a way of dictating ever-changing terms about timelines. :)

  1. About Me - a simple write-up that is totally self servicing. Yes, I meant to use that word.
  2. Hobbies - a collection of the things that I enjoy doing, with or without my family.
  3. Work History - a sad tale of woe with occasional highlights and laughter.
  4. Projects - the collection of million dollar ideas that just haven't come to fruition just yet.
  5. Gallery - time to get that online family photo album back up and running.

OK, that's enough for now I think, that should keep me plenty busy.

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